Office cubicles

The Partitions with glass and wood/solid panels have become in recent times an indelible part of administration buildings being built today.

Our partitions FancY® are high qualitative systems which are manufactured from special aluminium profiles structurally bonded to glass. Our innovative technology allows the height of the system to reach up to 5 meters.

To meet your needs for spacious and cosy work premises, we at Glass and Aluminium Fusion Ltd. can offer a number of systems featuring thick or transparent partitions which can provide visibility and privacy.

Our FancY® systems possess a high degree of insulation – from Rw (C; CTR) = 50 (0;2) dB to Rw (C; CTR) = 55 (0;2) dB , depending on the materials chosen. The noise insulation coefficient has been proven during trials and tests of the product in a certified laboratory.

Visibility can be limited by building in blinds between the glass parts by using thick panels, matted glass or tinted foil, glued to the glass.

Openability of FancY® is done by system integrated doors, made entirely of glass, thick panels of wood veneer, or painted in colour.