We at Glass and Aluminium Fusion Ltd. do our best to provide our customers with a complete set of decisions on how to build the interior and exterior of their home, office or building, which is why we cannot afford to ignore one of the elements which bring style and elegance to their environment. The wide range of inox, aluminium and metal railings we offer, are suitable both for the interior and exterior. Our team of designers will even offer you a decision for non-standard shapes and spaces for the best possible construction with perfect design of the railing you favour. The glass and aluminium railings are an innovative solution. Aluminium’s characteristics such as strength, lightness, lack of oxidation and rust, fast and easy installation,ensures that your screens, railings, modules and other similar constructions should meet the latest modern design requirements. A major advantage is the plasticity of the material which the profiles are made from. This allows them to be bent virtually under any radius, to accurately follow the curves of the constructions, and in addition gives them an elegant look.